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All silk used by The Ethical Silk Company is Ahimsa Peace Silk, supplied by Ahimsa Silks which is a 100% eco-friendly mulberry silk. This manufacturing method entails no silkworms are harmed or killed in the production process. In the manufacturing of regular silk, the silk worms inside their cocoons are immersed in boiling water to kill them so they do not pierce and damage the cocoon when they emerge from it. With our animal friendly silk (Ahimsa silk) the silk is extracted after the silkworm has completed metamorphosis and emerged from the cocoon as a moth. Each cocoon is checked individually to ensure the moth has emerged before the silk thread is spun. This specialised production is a laborious process but the result is the quality of our silk is softer and finer in comparison to regular silk and it has a soft pearl natural finish instead of a satin look.

This process of silk production ensures there is no killing, no cruelty, and at the same time the eco friendly fabric quality is totally protected.