Busy times in Theni

Recently I received an update from Sr. Anastastia, who runs Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Centre in Theni, India, about the goings on in the hospice and community over the last few months (Oct - Dec ’15).

I've written about the Hospice previously (which you can read here) so here’s a snippet so you can see what our donations are currently supporting:

Although exceptionally busy with the hospice itself (unfortunately 192 inpatients were admitted in the last three months of 2015), an emphasis is placed on community development on the whole, with child safety a central concern. Life training skills are taught at local schools (approx. 800 pupils aged between 13 and 16 attended) along with training in 12 secondary schools about the prevention of child marriage and child sexual abuse (3010 pupils attended).

Community meetings were set up in 8 local villages where children were able to bring their problems and issues regarding cleanliness of the village, particularly cleaning of drainage and good drinking water supply. 

Celebrations were enjoyed for Diwali (Festival of Light) where, although a Hindu holiday, everyone in India seems to take part and enjoy. The hospice invited children and their parents from the local school for a day of games and food with clothes and food being distributed for each family to bring home.

After visiting the hospice and local community in Theni in 2009, and seeing how limited their resources are I was compelled to pledged 5% profits to them as one of our chosen charities. Focus Ireland also receives 5%. 

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