• How do I take care of my silk?
    We recommend machine wash on a delicate cycle (30 degrees) using gentle detergent and ironing from damp gives the nicest finish. Further care instructions are here

  • What is the momme of the silk?
    We use a mulberry silk with a momme weight of 19 for all our products.

  • Is the mulberry silk organic?
    It is a long and costly road to achieve organic certification so it may be some time before we have the certification but rest assure, the only chemical used is an organic soap that is necessary at the de-gumming stage of the mulberry silk production.

  • Is the mulberry silk vegan?
    No. The silkworms are farmed to produce the cocoons for the silk yarn, wild mulberry silk is not available as the silk worms are domesticated. Unlike traditional silk production that boils the silkworm inside the cocoon, our silk is extracted from the cocoon after the silkworm turns into a moth and leaves. Although there are other types of silk cited as vegan, as far as we can see, the silkworms are all farmed for the production. There is some wild silk that is from the discarded cocoons collected in the woods (primarily in North East India) but it is not commercially reliable as the yield and therefore the production is extremely unpredictable. In our opinion vegan silk is not commercially available and vegans should look to and interesting artificially made spider silk currently in development by Bolt threads.

  • Do I need to wash my silk before using it?
    It’s up to you. All our silk is hot-washed prior to tailoring to pre shrink it. It is not washed post-tailoring. The majority of our customers do not wash the products prior to using them but you may have a particular laundry soap etc so it’s up to you. Please note we cannot accept returns of any product once it has been washed.

  • Can I get the pillowcases in white?
    We keep our silk pillowcases, cot sheets and the reverse of the eye masks (in contact with the eyes) the natural, undyed colour. Bleaching and dyeing would be required to whiten the silk and as these products maintain such an intimate space, we have chosen to keep them their natural colour.

  • What size clothing should I get?
    Our sleepwear and loungewear are designed to be a relaxed, comfortable fit. As there is no elasticity to silk, if it is in any way tight it will not be comfortable for sleeping in or curling up on the couch. If you are between sizes we recommend going up a size.